Humanism and Chrsitianity

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  • Bjørn Rabjerg
  • Robert Stern, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Storbritannien
Løgstrup's article "Humanism and Christianity" (1950) is a discussion of the relation between the two schools of thought mentioned in the title, but in a way that is set against key ideas in ethics which Løgstrup was developing at this time, and which came to full expression in his main work, The Ethical Demand, that was published six years later. While this can perhaps make the article hard to follow for those who are unfamiliar with Løgstrup's thought, it also gives it a kind of depth and originality that is not often found in debates between humanists, on the one hand, and Christians, on the other; it also provides Løgstrup with a striking opportunity to find a novel kind of common ground between the two.
We begin by outlining the main ideas put forward in the article, and then set Løgstrup's ideas in context, against the background of debates in his time concerning the relation between humanism and Christianity, and what this tells us about the development of Løgstrup's own thinking on these fundamental issues.
Bidragets oversatte titelHumanisme og kristendom
Udgivelsesår5 nov. 2018
Antal sider22
StatusUdgivet - 5 nov. 2018

Bibliografisk note

Teksten indeholder dels en introduktion til Løgstrups artikel fra 1950, "Humanisme og kristendom", dels en oversættelse af artiklen.


  • Løgstrup, Humanisme, Kristendom, Bultmann

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