How to Improve Pragmatic Competence of Students Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language: Investigating Instructional Design Framework for Warm-up Activities to the 3rd-year Students

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    It is not an easy task for teachers to teach Chinese as a foreign language to the students who have completed the foundation levels of Chinese language and are embarking on more specialized work. The level of these students can be roughly characterized as 'advanced'. One of the most challenging tasks is how to improve the pragmatic competence in Chinese language for the 'advanced' students. The solution to the task is to develop language skills in the course of focusing on thinking about Chinese and cultures. This paper takes teaching practice and teaching examples as starting points, elucidating the instructional framework in how to design warm-up activities for students, the theoretical basis of teaching, as well as design focus from the perspective of cognitive science. Aiming at the students at advanced level, the design of warm-up activities should not only emphasize language points and vocabulary in order to assist students to consolidate their language skills, but also be structured around the building language skills and developing cultural understanding of Chinese, their society, and their recent history. Thus, it is hoped that the well-designed warm-up activities together with classroom activities can help students improve the development of language use, particularly, in language complexity, i.e. the capacity to use more advanced Chinese, with a greater willingness to use Chinese effectively.

    Bidragets oversatte titel如何提高高年级汉语学习者的口语语用能力: 探讨对外汉语三年级学生的课前热身练习的教学设计框架
    StatusAccepteret/In press - 2010
    BegivenhedNordic Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching and Research - Helsinki, Finland
    Varighed: 18 jun. 201020 jun. 2010


    KonferenceNordic Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching and Research