Heavy mineral sorting as a tool to distinguish depositional characteristics of “in situ” sands from their related injected sands in a Palaeogene submarine Canyon, Danish North Sea

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  • Afsoon Moatari Kazerouni, Danmark
  • Henrik Friis
  • Johan. B Svendsen, DONG Energy, Danmark
  • Rikke Weibel, Department of Geological Mapping, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Danmark
  • Geologisk Institut
Postdepositional remoblization and injection of sand are important processes in
deep-water clastic systems. Subsurface mobilisation and injection of sand has
been recently recognised as a significant control of deep-water sandstone
geometry. Kilometre-scale injection complexes have been interpreted in the
Paleocene Siri Canyon near the Danish Central Graben of the North Sea
hydrocarbon province from borehole data. The emplacement of large-scale
injection complexes has been commonly attributed in the geological literature
to seismic activity and consequent sand liquefaction. However, due to very
small differences in textural and compositional properties, and the lack of
depositional structures of reservoir sands in the Siri Canyon, the distinction
between "in situ" and injected or remobilised sands is difficult. Large scale
heavy mineral sorting (in 10 m thick units) is observed in several reservoir
units and has been interpreted to represent the depositional sorting. This
study demonstrates the detailed sorting pattern of heavy minerals in thin,
injected sands and relates it to the flow patterns during injection. The
sorting pattern is used to explain the large scale sorting pattern of the
reservoir sands and to suggest a tool for petrographic/geochemical distinction
between "in situ" sands and their related injected sands within a submarine
canyon setting.
StatusUdgivet - 2008
Begivenhed33rd International Geological congress - Oslo, Norge
Varighed: 6 aug. 200814 sep. 2008


Konference33rd International Geological congress

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