Further Unifying the Landscape of Cell Probe Lower Bounds

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In a landmark paper, Patrascu demonstrated how a single lower bound for the static data structure problem of reachability in the butterfly graph, could be used to derive a wealth of new and previous lower bounds via reductions. These lower bounds are tight for numerous static data structure problems. Moreover, he also showed that reachability in the butterfly graph reduces to dynamic marked ancestor, a classic problem used to prove lower bounds for dynamic data structures. Unfortunately, Patrascu's reduction to marked ancestor loses a lg lg n factor and therefore falls short of fully recovering all the previous dynamic data structure lower bounds that follow from marked ancestor. In this paper, we revisit Patrascu's work and give a new lossless reduction to dynamic marked ancestor, thereby establishing reachability in the butterfly graph as a single seed problem from which a range of tight static and dynamic data structure lower bounds follow.
Publikationsdato11 jan. 2021
Antal sider9
StatusUdgivet - 11 jan. 2021
BegivenhedHappening virtually : Siam symposium on simplicity in algorithms (SOSA21) - , -
Varighed: 11 jan. 202112 jan. 2021


KonferenceHappening virtually


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