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Finite element modelling of an energy-geomembrane underground pumped hydroelectric energy storage system

Publikation: KonferencebidragPaperForskningpeer review

The increasing need for energy storage technology has led to a massive interest in novel energy storage methods. The energy geomembrane system is such a novel energy storage method. The concept of the system is briefly introduced, and a holistic numerical model of the system is presented. The model uses advanced finite-element techniques to model the energy storage system using fluid cavity elements. The developed geomembrane energy system is modelled with different constitutive models to represent the soil behaviour: a linear elastic model, a nonlinear Mohr-Coulomb model, and a hypoplastic constitutive model. The consequences of these different models on the results are studied. Hereby, the focus is the first inflation
and deflation cycle of the system.
Udgivelsesårnov. 2020
Antal sider6
StatusUdgivet - nov. 2020
Begivenhed2nd International Conference on Energy Geotechnics 2020 - , California, USA, La Jolla, USA
Varighed: 10 apr. 202213 apr. 2022


Konference2nd International Conference on Energy Geotechnics 2020
Lokation, California, USA
ByLa Jolla

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