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Entangled research(ers): or how to create empirical knowledge when you are always already entangled with the world.

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This paper takes up the challenges of analyzing how empirical knowledge is created when the research(ers) are always already “thrown into the world” (Heidegger) and thereby affectively “intra-act” (Barad) with and ‘perform’ the empirical knowledge. ‘

‘Thrownness’ is Heidegger’s way of expressing that the human existence is ‘always already being thrown into the world’, it is there (the ‘Da’ in Da-sein). While “intra-action” is Barad’s concept for the entanglement, the mood or affectivity is the way we are attuned to the world. As humans we are ‘situated and affected there-ness’, always already thrown into the world and being situated and attuned to it in specific ways through interest, fear, boredom or something else.

Combing concepts from philosophy as well as psychology, the material and the affective turn allow us to rethink and elaborate on well-known discussions on qualitative research, representation, positioning and situatedness. Instead of being stuck with traditional dichotomies, this conceptual language teaches us to think in connectivity and the qualities of this connectivity as the basic premise.
Antal sider8
StatusUdgivet - 2012
BegivenhedFeminist Materialisms: Gender, Nature, Body, Materiality - University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Danmark
Varighed: 26 apr. 201227 apr. 2012


KonferenceFeminist Materialisms
LokationUniversity of Copenhagen


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