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Engaging children and young people in lake ecology through activities in their spare time

Publikation: KonferencebidragPosterForskningpeer review

  • Anna Okholm, Syddansk Universitet, Danmark
  • Christina Greve, Syddansk Universitet, Danmark
  • Laura Amy Mohaupt, Syddansk Universitet, Danmark
  • Thomas Kaarsted, Syddansk Universitet, Danmark
  • Gitte Kragh
  • Sara Egemose, Syddansk Universitet, Danmark
Now children, young people and their families can learn more about the water quality and the plant and animal life in our approximately 200,000 Danish lakes and ponds through the Citizen Science project Lakes in spare time. The participants can through four different activities contribute to the collecting of data and achieve knowledge about our lakes and gain awareness of environmental challenges in relation to them. The following four activities are in cooperation with nature schools, libraries, societies organizing children and young people, citizens, and researchers.
The four very different activities are:

Find a lake, where citizens in a yearly ten-week period collect water samples from lakes and ponds. The samples are registered by an app and the samples are handed in at the local library or institution. The goal is to gain new and improved knowledge on lake water quality.

Book lake communicator, where we offer a 2-3 hour on-site arrangement presentation with experiments and activities involving lakes for groups of at least 25 children, young people, and families.

Lake suitcases, where citizens can borrow a box of equipment, including guides and fact sheets, and go explore the local lake. The users are encouraged to share their findings on the project homepage. Additionally, we are participating in BioBlitze’s and offering pop-up arrangements.

And last, Lake camps, where children and young people spend three days together learning about lakes and their ecosystem through activities and experiments and collecting data.

In 2021, 244 useful samples were handed in, in the Find a lake-activity and more than 950 citizens participated in the initial nine month developing phase of the overall project Lake in spare time.

All data gained in the project will be available online and can be viewed by all interested citizens and participants and can be used for teaching purposes.

The project runs from 1st of April 2021 to 301st of March 2025 and is funded by the Villum Foundation.

Learn more about our project in our Prezi presentation
Udgivelsesårmaj 2022
StatusUdgivet - maj 2022
BegivenhedC*Sci2022 - Online
Varighed: 23 maj 202226 maj 2022



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