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Embedded Unified Development Process - EUDP

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EUDP – a two-minute blurb

EUDP is a description of how to develop smaller IT-systems.

EUDP describes how you develop products combining mechanics, electronics, and programs.

EUDP describes a co-operation practice, where the customer has substantial influence on the decision-making throughout the individual steps in the development process.

EUDP´s working method ensures a measurable efficiency of the development process by guiding customer and developer through a series of stages in a structural way.

EUDP is a number of working instructions and tools, which are to guide the customer and the developer to a successful project.

EUDP´s working method distinguishes itself from other written working methods by its simplicity and practical applicability.

StatusUdgivet - 2004

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Udgave: 0.9.113
Udgiver: HIH

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