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Data requirements, availability and gaps in AEIs in Europe: Direct and indirect data needs linked to the farms for agrienvironmental indicators

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Agriculture exerts various effects on the environment. These effects depend on both the agricultural activities and the environmental conditions. Agriculture in the European Union (EU) is highly diverse and also dynamic, as agriculture responds to changes in markets, technological developments and governmental policy. As a consequence, effects of agriculture on the environment are spatially diverse and change over time. To evaluate the responses to changes in markets, technological developments and governmental policy over time, a set of 32 Agri-Environmental Indicators (AEIs) has been developed covering a wide range of agricultural variables that affect the environment.
The general objectives of task 1 of the DireDate project are to (i) define and describe the AEIs, with special focus on identification of data requirements, availability and gaps in AEIs and (ii) indentify the relationships between the AEIs and between AEIs and data requirements for agri-environmental policies.
This report presents factsheets with descriptions of the 32 AEIs selected by the European Commission. Following the suggestion of Eurostat, a distinction was made between two sets of AEIs; here termed the first and second set of AEIs. This distinction was based on the fact that the first set of AEIs are considered to be mature (i.e. well developed) and indeed key in describing agriculture-environment interactions, but also because the data needed for the establishment of these indicators primarily have to be derived from the farm or at farm level. In contrast, the second set of AEIs are not all yet fully defined and developed, and the data required are derived, in general, from sources other than at farm level.
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NummerService Contract 10701.2009.001-2009.354
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