Cyclic and diurnal alterations in the response of luteinizing hormone and prolactin to prostaglandin E2 during the rat oestrous cycle

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Two micrograms of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) was infused into a lateral ventricle of the brain of female rats at 09.00 or 13.00 h on the different days of the oestrous cycle and the effect on luteinizing hormone (LH) and prolactin (Prl) release was determined. At 09.00 h PGE2 caused a pronounced release of LH in pro-oestrous, oestrous and metoestrous rats whereas the LH response in dioestrous rats was moderate. The secretion of Prl was only stimulated in rats from the pro-oestrous phase. When infused at 13.00 h PGE2 had a marked stimulatory effect on the release of LH in all groups of rats. The response was almost the same in oestrous, metoestrous and dioestrous rats but pro-oestrous rats a 2-fold higher LH response was observed. On each day of the oestrous cycle it was found that the LH-releasing activity of PGE2 was greater at 13.00 h than at 09.00 h. Thus, the overall greatest responsiveness of LH to PGE2 was noted at 13.00 h on pro-oestrus i.e. at a time which was prior to the onset of the spontaneous LH surge. At 13.00 h - as at 09.00 h - PGE2 was only capable of stimulating Prl release in pro-oestrous rats. Resembling the LH response it was found that PGE2-induced Prl release was greater at 13.00 h than at 09.00 h. In adult male rats the stimulatory effect of PGE2 on LH and Prl release was independent of the time of administration. It is concluded that the neuroendocrine elements of the hypothalamo-pituitary unit in mature female rats exhibit cyclic as well as diurnal alterations in the responsiveness to PGE2.

TidsskriftActa Endocrinologica
Sider (fra-til)30-37
Antal sider8
StatusUdgivet - maj 1984

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