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Consequences on emissions and air quality of change in vapour pressure of gasoline

Publikation: Udredning/notatFaglig redegørelsepeer review

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has requested DCE to provide
input on the consequences on air quality and emissions of sale in the summer
months of gasoline with a vapour pressure of 70 kPa. More specifically DCE
has been asked to assess the consequences on NMVOC emissions, and
ambient air concentrations of ozone and benzene with a vapour pressure for
gasoline of 70 kPa in June, July and August instead of 60 kPa.
As the latest year of official statistics is 2018, this has been used as a basis for
the calculation of the impact on NMVOC emissions.
Udgivelsesårokt. 2020
Antal sider14
StatusUdgivet - okt. 2020


NavnScientific note from DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy

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