Clinical management of older postmenopausal women referred for colposcopy due to an abnormal screening test

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Background/Objectives: Background: In older postmenopausal women, performance of colposcopy is often inadequate due to the
retraction of the transformation zone into the cervical canal. This challenges the colposcopic examination and the collection of
adequate cervical punch biopsies. Consequently, the "true" incidence of cervical precancer among older women may be underestimated
and may explain the observed discrepancy between incidence rates of cervical precancer and cervical cancer at older ages. The aim of
this study was to describe the clinical management of Danish women aged 69+ who had been referred for colposcopy due to an
abnormal screening test.
Methods: Methods: We conducted a cohort study from January 2017 through December 2020. We included women who had been
referred to gynecology departments in Central Denmark Region due to an abnormal screening test during 2017 (~200 women). Women
were eligible if they were born before 1948 and had been invited for an additional HPV-based screening test. Women were excluded if
smears had been obtained as part of follow-up due to previous abnormal screening tests. Information on colposcopic findings,
behavioral risk factors, screening history, and results of subsequent cervical smears and biopsies until end of follow-up in December
2020 were collected from medical records and the Danish Pathology Databank. Results will mainly be reported descriptively, and chi2
and Fishers exact test will be used for comparison, as appropriate.
Results: Results: Results will be presented at Eurogin 2021.
Conclusions: Conclusion: This study will provide new and important evidence on how to clinically manage older postmenopausal
women with abnormal screening tests, while balancing risk of underdiagnosis versus risk of overtreatment. Additionally, our results
may help identify areas of particular interest where more research is needed.
Udgivelsesår1 jun. 2021
StatusUdgivet - 1 jun. 2021
BegivenhedEUROGIN 2021 - virtuel
Varighed: 30 maj 20211 jun. 2021


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