Climate normal for Foulum 1991-2020

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This report describes a 30-year climate normal calculated from data measured at Foulum meteorological station situated at 56°29’N, 9°34’E, 54 m above sea level. The work was carried out at Department of Agroecology, and the data are widely used to explain experimental results or for modelling.
The publication contains results that reveals the average climate normal of data measured from 1991-2020 for Foulum meteorological station concerning: • Yearly and monthly average temperature • Yearly and monthly average precipitation measured 1.5 m above ground level • Yearly and monthly global radiation • Comparison to the normal in the previous 30-year period 1961-1990.
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ISBN (Trykt): 978-87-94420-31-0
StatusUdgivet - 1 maj 2024
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