Characterization of a "TRAMP-like" co-factor of the human RNA exosome

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  • Marianne Skovgaard Christensen, Danmark
  • Maiken Søndergaard Kristiansen, Danmark
  • Michal Szymon Lubas, Danmark
  • Torben Heick Jensen
  • Molekylærbiologisk Institut
Genome-wide studies in yeast, plants and humans have revealed numerous new transcripts in what was previously thought to be silent DNA or junk DNA. One class of non-coding transcript discovered recently is the PROMoter uPstream Transcripts (PROMPTs), which is only seen upon depletion of the RNA exosome, the major 3’-5’ exonuclease complex in human cells. PROMPTs have a lot in common with the yeast Cryptic Unstable Transcripts (CUTs), which are degraded by the concerted effort of the exosome, and its co-factor complex TRAMP (Trf4p/Air1p/Mtr4p).
We have identified human proteins with functional similarities to components of the yeast TRAMP complex, and show that these are involved in the degradation of PROMPTs. While, these proteins form transient complexes with the exosome, our preliminary results also indicate that complex formation can occur directly with catalytic components of the exosome, serving to degrade PROMPTs in a core exosome independent manner.
StatusUdgivet - 2010
BegivenhedMoMeD Summer School 2010 - Lund, Sverige
Varighed: 1 jun. 20102 jun. 2010


KonferenceMoMeD Summer School 2010

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