Case study: the project "Udspil" (Dag Højskoler), DK

Marcella Milana, Tore Bernt Sørensen

    Publikation: Working paper/Preprint Working paperForskning


    Learning for democratic citizenship is embedded in the general popular education ideal(folkeoplysning), which is the primary source of inspiration for the Day High Schools (DHSs). DHSs are private institutions supported by local authorities, that host primarily low educated and unemployed young and mature adults. DHSs are represented, at national level, by the Association of Danish Day High Schools (ADDHS). The project ?Udspil? represents, to the acknowledgement of the authors, a concrete example of direct implementation of ADDHS policy aimed at fostering democratic citizenship by the involvement of several DHSs. Furthermore ?Udspil? was chosen for being a non-formal learning activity based on individual participation, even though linked to institutionalized learning practices, which were carried out in cooperation between several local institutions.Last but not least, the project represents an attempt to create links between research, policy and practice in education. In fact the project was based on two interrelated activities. One activity intended to promote a debate on democracy among practitioners, politicians and scholars; the other activity, which is at the core of our investigation, aimed at involving DHSs students in teaching and learning activities for democratic citizenship. The material produced along the project resulted in a book, containing a DVD, to be used as didactic material and/or source of inspiration by teachers and other practitioners in the field of education. The publication includes different writings on democracy resulting from both interviews with the students involved in the project and reflections by - among others - wellknown Danish researchers in political and educational sciences, such as Jørgen Goul Andersen (Aalborg University, DK) and Knud Illeriis (at that time Roskilde University Centre and Learning Lab Denmark, DK)3. The case here presented is based on results from research activity carried out over a 1 year period (spring 2006 - spring 2007). Detailed information concerning participation in the project was collected in two DHSs only: the Sports Day High School IDA, in Arhus (from now on SDHS-ARH) and the Pre-course Day High School in Copenhagen (from now on PDHS-CPH). Data were gathered after completion of the project; thus desk research was complemented with an interview with 2 key actors from ADDHS4, who were involved in the designing and planning of the project; and open-answers questionnaires send by email to 2 teachers, 1 from SDHS-ARH and 1 from PDHS-CPH; followed by face-to-face semistructured interviews with the same teachers.
    UdgiverDanmarks Pædagogiske Universitets Forlag
    Antal sider10
    StatusUdgivet - 2007


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