Art, Artists, Rock Art and Underslös

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In this article, we explore the role that art and artists have had in the history in the discipline, in particular, the history of Underlsös Museum and The Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art. In particular, we focus on the links of Gudnitz with the artistic world; in both ne art and academia; as well as how those viewing prehistoric images from the perspective of, or interest in, art, are a signi cant research group. Art seems to have the quality of bringing people together around the art, irrespective of the fact that the detail of their views may di er very widely. Whilst it would be easy to pigeon-hole the trend as part of the wider phenomena of art versus religion, this is not su cient to explain the phenomenon. The artistic perspective on art can, and does, cut across both elds. Those with an artistic perspective are not art historians, moreover, they are better characterised a group that share a common interest and appreciation for the art, that forms a common start and entry point to the material.

Many of the people who are and have been involved in prehistoric art have a background in art. The very rst time I met one of my colleagues, I was asked: “Can one have an interest in art and study archaeology? Or are the two incompatible... and is it frowned upon?”. As Nordbaldh (this volume) pointed out earlier, viewing the art from an artistic perspective was indeed frowned upon for some considerable time, especially during the 18th and 19th centuries. The answer then, as now, is the same: artistic perspectives are very valid and can be traced throughout the history and current position of research into prehistoric art. The relationships between art, artists and Underslös Museum are a case in point. This article explores some of these relationships. Here, in new research speci cally undertaken for this volume, we explore the links with, and in between, in particular, Fred Gudnitz, P.V. Glob, Asger Jorn and Gutorm Gjessing – all prominent gures in their respective elds.
TitelGiving the Past a Future : Essays in Archaeology and Rock Art Studies in Honour of Dr. Phil. h.c. Gerhard Milstreu
RedaktørerJames Dodd, Ellen Meijer
Antal sider23
Udgivelsesår27 jul. 2018
ISBN (trykt)9781784919702
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781784919702
StatusUdgivet - 27 jul. 2018

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