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Are self-reported most positive and most traumatic events mentioned in the life story, and is mentioning related to event centrality?

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Very positive events are more central to life story and identity than traumatic events. Yet, centrality of traumatic events correlates with PTSD. What is unknown is whether self-nominated most positive or most traumatic events are spontaneously mentioned in life stories, and if mentioning is related to how central the events are to life stories and identity. Here, 386 adults provided life stories and measures of traumatic exposure, PTSD, depression, and centrality of traumatic and most positive events. Results showed that 41.7% of participants mentioned only the positive event in their life stories, 8.3% only the traumatic event, 16.6% both events, and 33.4% neither. In all groups, the positive event was rated as more central than the traumatic event, except for the group only including their trauma, who displayed no positivity bias. Further, groups differed on PTSD symptoms. Results are discussed in relation to theories of life stories and PTSD.
Udgivelsesårnov. 2020
StatusUdgivet - nov. 2020

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