Arctic Ocean glacial history

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskrift/Konferencebidrag i tidsskrift /Bidrag til avisTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review

  • Martin Jakobsson, Stockholm Univ, Stockholm University, Dept Geol Sci, Sverige
  • Karin Andreassen, Univ Tromso, UiT The Arctic University of Tromso, Dept Geol, Ukendt
  • Lilja Run Bjarnadottir, Geol Survey Norway, Ukendt
  • Dayton Dove, British Geol Survey, NERC British Geological Survey, NERC Natural Environment Research Council, Ukendt
  • Julian A. Dowdeswell, University of Cambridge, Ukendt
  • John H. England, Univ Alberta, University of Alberta, Dept Earth & Atmospher Sci, Ukendt
  • Svend Funder, Københavns Universitet, Danmark
  • Kelly Hogan, University of Cambridge
  • ,
  • Olafur Ingolfsson, Univ Iceland, University of Iceland, Fac Earth Sci, Island
  • Anne Jennings, Univ Boulder Colorado, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Colorado System, Inst Arct & Alpine Res INSTAAR, USA
  • Nicolaj Krog Larsen
  • Nina Kirchner, Stockholm Univ, Stockholm University, Dept Phys Geog & Quaternary Geol, Ukendt
  • Jon Y. Landvik, Norwegian Univ Life Sci, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Dept Plant & Environm Sci, Ukendt
  • Larry Mayer, Univ New Hampshire, University System Of New Hampshire, University of New Hampshire, Ctr Coastal & Ocean Mapping, Ukendt
  • Naja Mikkelsen, Geol Survey Denmark & Greenland GEUS, Danmark
  • Per Möller, Lund University, Sverige
  • Frank Niessen, Alfred Wegener Inst Polar & Marine Res, Ukendt
  • Johan Nilsson, Stockholm Univ, Stockholm University, Dept Meteorol, Sverige
  • Matt O'Regan, Stockholm Univ, Stockholm University, Dept Geol Sci, Ukendt
  • Leonid Polyak, Ohio State Univ, Ohio State University, Byrd Polar Res Ctr, Ukendt
  • Niels Norgaard-Pedersen, Geol Survey Denmark & Greenland GEUS, Ukendt
  • Ruediger Stein, Alfred Wegener Inst Polar & Marine Res, Ukendt

While there are numerous hypotheses concerning glacial interglacial environmental and climatic regime shifts in the Arctic Ocean, a holistic view on the Northern Hemisphere's late Quaternary ice-sheet extent and their impact on ocean and sea-ice dynamics remains to be established. Here we aim to provide a step in this direction by presenting an overview of Arctic Ocean glacial history, based on the present state-of-the-art knowledge gained from field work and chronological studies, and with a specific focus on ice-sheet extent and environmental conditions during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). The maximum Quaternary extension of ice sheets is discussed and compared to LGM. We bring together recent results from the circum-Arctic continental margins and the deep central basin; extent of ice sheets and ice streams bordering the Arctic Ocean as well as evidence for ice shelves extending into the central deep basin. Discrepancies between new results and published LGM ice-sheet reconstructions in the high Arctic are highlighted and outstanding questions are identified. Finally, we address the ability to simulate the Arctic Ocean ice sheet complexes and their dynamics, including ice streams and ice shelves, using presently available ice-sheet models. Our review shows that while we are able to firmly reject some of the earlier hypotheses formulated to describe Arctic Ocean glacial conditions, we still lack information from key areas to compile the holistic Arctic Ocean glacial history. (C) 2013 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

TidsskriftQuaternary Science Reviews
Sider (fra-til)40-67
Antal sider28
StatusUdgivet - 15 maj 2014

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