A fully automated ABA preparation system for radiocarbon samples: LavachronTM

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  • Mikkel Fristrup Schou
  • Thomas W. Stafford, Stafford Research LLC, Lafayette, Colorado USA, USA
  • Chris Clark, Bolder Software, Boulder, Colorado USA, USA
  • Bente Philippsen
  • ,
  • Anders Halkjær Knudsen, Mikrolab Aarhus A/S, Aarhus, Denmark, Danmark
  • Jesper Olsen
ABA (acid-base-acid) sample pretreatment is among the most frequent used preparation methods for radiocarbon samples of plant, wood and charcoal. Though simple, the method is labor intensive and requires constant attention by a laboratory technician. Here we present a fully automated ABA preparation system capable of running 3x 10 samples per day.
Samples are loaded into glass tubes sealed by a filter disk in either end. Sample tubes can be loaded before hand and are fitted to the system using Luer Lock fittings. Five different solvents can be connected to the automated system, which is chemically resistant to the most common chemicals (HCl and NaOH). Further, the temperature of each sample holder can be adjusted between room temperature and 80oC. The sequence for loading chemicals, duration, rinsing and temperature can be fully controlled in the software.
The samples’ chemical purity and degree of purification are evaluated by comparing FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy) before and after the ABA pretreatment and for samples pretreated manually and by the automated system.
Using the software we have optimized the efficiency and duration of the pretreatment sequence by testing known-age samples and backgrounds. Finally, using known-age samples and backgrounds, we have tested the automated ABA preparation system for memory effects.
Udgivelsesår18 jun. 2019
Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - 18 jun. 2019
BegivenhedThe 23rd International Radiocarbon Conference - Trondheim, Norge
Varighed: 17 jun. 201822 jun. 2018
Konferencens nummer: 23


KonferenceThe 23rd International Radiocarbon Conference

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