Youth with Neurobiological Diagnoses; Living Conditions, Public Services and Prognoses for Inclusion

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The NEUROLIFE project aims to produce knowledge for better service provision, well-being, and social and work-life inclusion of youth and young adults with neurobiological diagnoses (NBD) such as attention deficit/hyperactivity
disorders, autism spectrum diagnoses and Tourette syndrome, in the Scandinavian context. An increasing number of children receive these diagnoses, warranting more group-specific research. NBDs are qualitatively different from
some other disabilities, being “invisible”, and involving challenges with executive, sensory, cognitive and mental health functioning. Research on the interrelationships among health, service provision, living condition and inclusion
in the NBD group is generally lacking. This project targets youth and young adults (13 to 29 years) with NBD, and their siblings and caregivers. Given the considerable potential of many individuals in this population, knowledge of their
successful development experiences is key also to future success. The project therefore will focus on identifying positive deviance – understood as paths leading towards inclusion for youth and their families.
Kort titelNeurolife
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202330/06/2024


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