When will the silence end? – Identifying neural markers of how partners coordinate pauses in social interaction

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Pauses are anubiquitous feature of social interaction: Speech partners pause between turns, musical partners pause expressively between phrases. Here we address the behavioural and neural mechanisms by which groups coordinate the duration of pauses in social interaction, using group music-making as a model of social interaction. Specifically, groups of trained musicians will produce rhythmic sequences that contain unmeasured pauses that they must synchronously resolve. EEG will be measured simultaneously from all group members using a novel hyperscanning platform from AU Engineering. Behavioural and neural data will be assessed to address the hypothesis that the ability to synchronously resolve pauses in social interaction is associated with predictive processes reflected in modulations of cortical sensorimotor oscillations that occur during pauses.
Effektiv start/slut dato22/02/2022 → …


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