What Social Robots can and should do - towards integrative social robotics

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An interdisciplinary research consortia that has been awarded a Semper Ardens basic research grant from Carlsberg Foundation. The reseach consortia is going to undertake fundamental research in “Social robotics”—the new revolutionary the 21st century robotics technology, that aims at creating social intelligence in machines—is projected to bring about a technological revolution with profound socio-economic impact and, potentially, particularly disruptive effects on our socio-cultural values. This research will define and implement a new paradigm for the proactive regulation of social robotics applications. By integrating robotics research with empirical and conceptual research in the Humanities, Social and Human Sciences, a project team of 25 researchers from 11 disciplines will work out the methodological foundations needed to develop responsible social robotics applications. To investigate the performance of the new method, the team will design and test several innovative social robotics applications that promote socio-cultural values and norms of personal well-being, such as fairness, authenticity, autonomy, and creative self-realization.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201631/08/2019


  • integrative social robotics, socio-cultural implications, socioeconomic impact, fairness, social cognition, emotional attachment, self-realization


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