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Wear resistant coatings

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  • Jensen, Henrik Myhre (Deltager)
  • Bøttiger, Jørgen (Deltager)
  • Steffensen, Søren (Deltager)
  • Madsen, Nis Dam (Deltager)
  • Aarhus School of Engineering (ASE)
  • Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center
  • Institut for Fysik og Astronomi
  • Center for Tekniske Kandidatuddannelser
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For both DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon, an amorphous carbon network) and nano-composite coatings, the mechanisms of plastic deformation are not known in any detail. In the international literature, there is a lack of systematic hardness measurements which correlate nanostructure with the plastic deformation data in order to reveal deformation mechanisms.

Also, in general, the information on fracture toughness of coatings is very scarce although it is a crucial parameter for the performance of these. In the present project, pioneering studies of fracture toughness of coatings will be carried out with the final goal of enabling development of hard nano-composite coatings with optimum mechanical properties.


One objective of the project is to use Finite Element Analysis to simulate nano-indentation in coated materials. The large-scale analysis contains nonlinear boundary conditions due to contact from the indent tip and because of large deformations the model is geometric nonlinear. Material properties are also nonlinear. Due to nonlinearities the analysis is time consuming and requires many iterations before it converges.

Results from Finite Element Analysis will be used to determine the coating material properties such as yielding, hardness, strain hardening coefficient, fracture toughness and so on. It will to some extent be attempted to simulate the crack pattern based on tests from nano-indentation.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/200931/08/2013


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