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Virtual coaching activities for rehabilitation in elderly European H2020 Project

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New ICT based concepts for empowering and motivating people can help them to proceed with a personalised re-habilitation that complies to age related physical, cognitive, mental, and social conditions. Actually, the major dis-advantages of home-based rehabilitation solutions are the lack of specialised equipment and insufficient alignment and adaptability of the technical possibilities to the individual care needs and abilitiesThe main ambition of the vCare project addresses these two shortcomings. Specifically, it will focus on i) the integration between the technical solution and the patient’s personalised care pathway, and ii) a verifiable clinical evaluation in terms of patient’s engagement, medical recovery and QoL The project aims to provide a smart solution grounded on an intelligent ICT environment, which is highly adapted to personalised coaching activities in accordance with the clinical pathway of the patients and the context information.
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