There’s no place like home - an investigation of Danish home care culture

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The aim of this PhD-study is to examine Danish home care culture. The study addresses how home care nurses cope with the increasing complexity in home care; the predominant values and norms of the culture in the internal cooperation between the different professional groups.
The project will adopt an ethnographic field study design using active participant observations, go along interviews, and focus group interviews to describe the home care culture in two municipalities .
Study 1: Active participant observation. The PhD-student will be a full member of the home care staff embracing skills and customs for the sake of complete comprehension. The aim in the first part of the study will be to understand how home care is constituted and conducted in the included municipalities.
Study 2: Go along interviews and focus group interviews. In the second part of the project the aim will be to gain insight into how caregivers in the two municipalities understand and interpret their work.
Study 3: Individual interviews. The aim is to gain insight into how home care clients and their relatives experience to receive home care. We have a specific interest in the experience of being dependent on help from other people and technology.
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