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The V-PLACE-Enabling consumer choice in Vegan or Vegetarian Food Products

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Description: The demand for vegan and vegetarian food products including alternatives to meat, milk, or eggs, has expanded considerably during recent years in Europe. However, for many consumers wanting to replace products of animal origin, partly or completely, the search for the right information, including avoiding nutritional deficits and maintaining sensory satisfaction, while turning into a more green diet pattern, is a challenge.
Within these frames, V-Place aims at making vegan and vegetarian choices more inclusive and accessible for the general consumer by addressing existing information gaps, and thereby bridging the distance between consumer and experts across the food value chain (food companies, authorities, scientific research etc.). This is achieved via examining the interplay of perceived vs expected properties as well as the communication formats of vegan and vegetarian products from a consumer perspective and enhancing this information by connecting it to inputs from experts and food companies. The greater objective is to create a more friendly and consumer centric green market and disseminate information readily to the consumer regarding vegan and vegetarian choices across EU.
To engage the consumer and make this project interactive, outcomes and data will be continuously fed into EIT’s FoodUnfolded web portal, thereby making it a living knowledge hub. Moreover, an engaging and informative app with games and quizzes will complement the V-PLACE in 2021, to engage consumers with the possible health and environmental benefits, when making more sustainable green food choices.
Bringing this information together not only empower the consumer to make informed food choices but also assist with the food market expansion to mass-market substitutions (vs niche products) that will incorporate consumer expectations, attitudes, concerns and needs.
The V-Place is a public engagement project funded by EIT Food and running in the period of 2020 and includes universities, research institutes and food companies partners from six EU countries:
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