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The Paradox Project: Exploring why timely cancer diagnosis appears to bring unfavourable outcomes

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  • Aberdeen University
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Early diagnosis is widely considered a key factor in improving cancer outcomes, but there is surprisingly little hard evidence that long delays increase mortality. Indeed, observational studies have frequently shown that patients who are diagnosed quickly have higher mortality rates than the rest. Findings like these have been referred to as ‘the waiting-time-paradox’ because they contradict our common sense. Many studies illustrating this paradox take the results to show no association and find them reassuring.

This project aims to develope analytical methods on high quality data and provide more robust and valide result than has hitherto been possible. By creating a unique dataset of more than 12,000 incident breast cancer patients and developing novel ways of analysing data, we aim to prove that the lack of definitive evidence is rooted in methodological and analytical limitations – and hence help solve the paradox.
Kort titelThe Paradox Project
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/201931/07/2021

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