The Impact of Prosumers in a Smart Grid based Energy Market

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  • Thøgersen, John (Deltager)
  • Schuitema, Geertje (Deltager)
  • Toft, Madeleine Broman (Deltager)
  • NCE Halden
  • University of St. Gallen
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This is a joint research project with partners from NCE Halden (Norway), University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and others.
“Prosumer” is an emerging concept in the power market that applies to consumers of energy that can also be producers. In a SmartGrid, a prosumer can be a new and active participant in balancing the electricity system.
A prosumer can be characterised by distributed generation technologies, energy storing equipment, smart meters and equipment to monitor, control and operate. The SmartGrid creates the basis for intelligent integration of user-actions in securing a continuing high supply security while integrating more fluctuating renewable energy into the electricity supply system.
An important requirement is acceptance and active adoption of the new possibility by the prosumer. This project focuses on prosumers and their role and influence on the future energy market, and the prosumers’ impact on established structures will be highlighted.
Aarhus University leads Work package 1 (WP1), “Acceptance of the Prosumer role“.
The main objective of this part of the project is to get a better insight into the motives and barriers that influences acceptance of the prosumer role in the Smart Grid, which has implications for how prosumers should be recruited.
Two different prosumer types will be studied: private households and small and medium sized companies (SMCs). The first stage of this research is to do a survey of the literature on consumer’s acceptance of their role in the Smart Grid.
Next, via online questionnaire studies in three countries, i.e. Denmark, Norway and Switzerland, a general overview of the motivations and barriers for consumers to participate in the Smart Grid is studied.
Finally, field tests are conducted whereby the actual adoption of an active role in the Smart Grid is studied and changes in prosumers’ perceptions and attitudes towards their role in the Smart Grid examined. In this connection, Smart Grid technologies are installed in both SMCs and private households.
In case of the SMCs, key decision-makers are interviewed to examine what affects their acceptance of these technologies and how this changes with experience.
For the field test that involves private households, it is studied how prosumers react to having their heat pump remotely regulated by a utility company. In this case, data collection is done via questionnaires and in-depth interviews.
In addition to Aarhus University, the main Danish partners in this project are SEAS-NVE and NOE Energi (Danish electricity companies), GridManager AS and GreenWave Reality (private companies that develop Smart Grid technologies) and Bosch (heat pump manufacturer).
The IMPROSUME project is funded by a grant from Smart Grids ERA-Net, of which the Danish contribution is financed by
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