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The Evolution of Innovation Project Management Processes and Practices

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The evolution of Innovation Project Management Processes and Practices:

The case of an SME industry innovation leader bought by a conglomerate trying to learn how to shift their strategy from low cost to differentiation by incorporating innovation and NPD best practices.

This is an action research project, ongoing since 2017. In the early phases, we have helped industry leaders build an accurate process diagram covering both exploration and NPD. This diagram is now used at every quarterly business reviewing meeting in the SME innovation leader organization. This is accepted by International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, July 2021 and available as pre-print: https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/IJMPB-02-2020-0044/full/html

This research is occuring in the time of digitalization, IoT and big data opportunities, with emerging IoT products, opportunities to build knowledge about how IoT products and big data produced by them can affect Innovation Project Management processes are key to this research.

Questions currently being explored include:

· How are exploration and exploitation configured in an SME that is recognized as the innovation leader in their industry? What are the implications for Knowledge Management practices for Innovation?

· What is the role of organizational culture in the success of Innovation Project Management Practices?

· How do development needs for IoT products affect Innovation Project Management Processes? How do different PM practices in IT and industrial NPD interact with each other when a company moves into developing IoT products? How can data produced by IoT products and Smart factory systems affect Innovation processes?
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