The dynamics of conflict and deception: language, movement and physiology

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  • Fusaroli, Riccardo (Projektkoordinator)
  • Duran, Nicholas (Deltager)
  • Paxton, Alexandra (Deltager)
  • Arizona State University
  • University of California, Merced
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This project investigates deception and conflict as interactional phenomena. Lies and aggression are most often conceived as acts of an individual, and therefore attempts at detecting them has focused on the deceiver and the aggressor. In ongoing research we are showing that the linguistic aspects of conflict and deception are most effectively analyzed in terms of interactional patterns. In other words, deception and conflict are best detected if looking at the patterns of the interaction and not at the behavior of any single individual involved. This project will investigate the dynamics of conflict and deception as interactional phenomena by mapping the coordination of physiological, movement and linguistic aspects of the conversation. Beside further highlighting the interactional nature of these phenomena, the research builds on cutting-edge research on interactions and aims at re-contextualizing the current framework. Automatic mimicry and alignment are currently considered the hallmark of good cooperative coordination. We aim at showing that conflict and deception present high levels of alignment, thus showing that on the one hand alignment does not necessarily make for cooperative coordination, and on the other that alignment can be used strategically as an interactional resource (for deception). We also aim at investigating the presence of interpersonal synergy involving cross-modal coordination (e.g. A’s speech with B’s movement), complementary roles and routines, and we hypothesize that conflict and deception impair the ability of forming such synergies.
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