This project is a randomized clinical trial with the aim to evaluate a diagnostic intervention in secondary care (Silkeborg Diagnostic Center) targeting patients referred for evaluation of bodily stress symptoms by their general practitioners. The medical doctors in the project are internal medicine specialist and have received training in the diagnostic SCAN interviews and The Extended Reattribution and Management (TERM) Model by specialists (including the applicant) at the Research Clinic of Functional disorders (RCFD). RCFD also act in a consulting role for the clinicians in the project clinic. We aim to evaluate the intervention’s feasibility, effectiveness and implementation. At the moment, the pilot project is running and data are collected. Training internal medicine specialists in SCAN and TERM for the purposes of BDS diagnosis and patient education is an international novelty and can be launched in other clinics and departments at Aarhus University Hospital and other hospitals in Denmark or internationally.

Lise Gormsen is the main supervisor for the PhD student who is the project manager and the consulting physician from the RCFD.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201930/09/2025