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The development of a comprehensive abdominal ‘yes-no’ pathway for primary care patients with vague and non-specific abdominal symptoms

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To optimise cancer outcome in Denmark, cancer diagnostic pathways should, beside urgent referral for alarm symptoms, also include a pathway for patients with vague non-specific symptoms. We know that 50% of all cancers do not qualify for urgent referral although the majority present in general practice.
The aim of the project is to explore the epidemiological and clinical need for an abdominal `yes-no´ pathway where general practitioners can refer patients with vague non-specific abdominal symptoms for direct-access investigations from day to day, and to develop such a pathway.
The project will provide new important knowledge of the number of examinations in the year prior to an abdominal cancer diagnosis and GPs’ interpretation of symptoms and referral practice in patients with abdominal symptoms. In patients with vague non-specific abdominal symptoms, this study may provide important knowledge on how to improve the diagnostics of abdominal cancers and other serious abdominal diseases.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/201728/06/2021


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