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The Danish center for research in marine plastic pollution

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MarinePlastic is the Danish center for research in marine plastic pollution – and it is supported by the Velux Foundation.

MarinePlastic is an interdisciplinary center for cutting-edge research into marine plastic pollution, uniting Danish researchers across institutions and disciplinary expertise.
MarinePlastic comprises the majority of the leading experts in Danish plastics materials, plastic litter and microplastics research and are representing several Danish research institutes.

The activities include among others:
- to investigate and promote societal change in regard to minimize plastic pollution, with specific focus on the role of science and importance of stakeholders
- to develop robust, fast and reliable methods to quantify plastic particles’ size, shape and mass.
- to qualify and quantify the magnitude and spatial distribution of plastic pollution in Danish waters and to identify its most significant sources.
- to investigate the persistence of today’s and future plastic litter and to identify the environmental conditions most likely to inhibit and promote its degradation - to secondary microplastics. It will also identify the processes most significant for dispersal and deposition of plastic litter and fragments.
- to explore the uptake and potential impact of plastic particles on key marine species and communities with the ultimate aim of providing knowledge for assessing the risk of nano- and microplastics in the marine environment.

Link to project web page: https://marineplastic.dk/
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Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202031/12/2023

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