The Archaic Period on the Forum of Caesar: The Urbanisation of Early Rome, 7th-5th Century BC

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This project aims to study the urban development of central Rome from the 7th to the 5th century BCE, the so-called 'archaic period'. The study is based on the forthcoming excavation in the northeastern part of the Forum of Caesar in Rome, as well as older excavations and written sources.

In the archaic period of Rome, the city grew in size, organisation, wealth and population. The area of and close to Caesar’s Forum developed into one of the main residential areas in Rome in the archaic period. Remains of domestic structures and numerous objects from this archaic settlement have been found in earlier excavations conducted in the Forum of Caesar. Consequently, the excavation on the northeastern part of Caesar’s Forum may unearth more of these archaic remains. The material from the upcoming excavation will be examined in combination with literary sources and archaeological material from previous excavations. Further, a contextual approach and a wide range of scientific methods will be applied to the material in order to establish a new archaeological research approach to archaic Rome.

Put into a broader context, the project will shed light on the urbanisation of Rome in the archaic period, investigate the local and foreign networks of the archaic city and contribute to new knowledge on social, cultural and economical structures of early Rome.

The PhD project is part of the project 'Excavation of Julius Caesar’s Forum in Rome'. The project is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and is set up as a collaboration between the Danish Institute in Rome, the Roman Municipal Department of Antiquities and UrbNet at Aarhus University.
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