Terrain Analysis with machine learning technology

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  • Alrøe, Michael (PI)
  • Celik, Emil (Deltager)
  • Bak, Kristoffer (Deltager)
  • NALLIAH, Sujeeth (Deltager)
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This report describes the development of a prototype which the military
can use for analyzing the terrain in a 2D map for different vehicles. The
project is conducted in collaboration with Department of Defence at Systematic
A/S and Aarhus University.
The developed prototype is to be used by a Product Owner to demonstrate
the terrain analysis for potential customers. By using the terrain
analysis, the military can plan the optimal routes for different vehicles.
The prototype is demarcated so it does not account for the weather.
The focus has been set on developing a web based MEAN stack solution.
Machine learning is used for terrain analysis and A* search algorithm is
used for path finding.
Effektiv start/slut dato28/01/201929/05/2019

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