Technical Manager at Eye & Mind Visual Anthropology Lab

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The position as Technical Manager at the Visual Anthropology Laboratory: Eye & Mind at Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus University is comprised of three main responsibilities: Equipment, The Laboratory, and The Ethnographic Film Club:

The technical manager is responsible for all equipment in the multimodal laboratory at Moesgaard, Mutanth Laboratory (formerly Eye and Mind Lab). This involves managing the loan and return of equipment from students and staff. Furthermore, keeping inventory and status of damaged and/or stolen equipment. As an integral part of this responsibility, the Technical Manager is also responsible for servicing and updating the laboratory's equipment and ensuring that everything is functional and in working order. This task was previously carried out by the staff of the photo laboratory at Moesgaard Museum.

The Laboratory
The technical manager is also responsible for managing the laboratory, this includes regularly updating and maintaining the editing stations (software and hardware), the student lounge and the Ph.D. and Post.Doc office space at Moesgaard Museum. This task is to be carried out in close dialogue with the track coordinator and the head of department.

Ethnographic Film Club
The technical manager is responsible for coordination, organization, and event planning for the Ethnographic Film Club at Mutanth. At the Mutanth Lab we organize extracurricular events and activities for all students and faculty where we invite guest lecturers, filmmakers, scholars/academics, artists, musicians, sound-designers etc. to come and share their work and insights with both students and faculty. The film Club is organized as a collaboration between students (Ba + Ma) and faculty. On average the Film Club organizes 4 events pr. semester. The content, planning and organization of the film club events are developed in close collaboration with the track coordinator, the technical manager, and the students.
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