Teachers’ learning designs as catalysts for rethinking and rebuilding learning materials

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The purpose of the project is to examine how the teachers’ collaborative interaction with the educational tools may form a part of the ongoing improvement of the courses and materials, which may be included in their design of contextualised learning paths.

The project will challenge and modify the design based research methods by use of a mix of anthropological methods and the new user-data-based analysis methods, which are often used for this type of research. Consequently, the dual purpose of the project will be:

- To create knowledge about the possibilities for incorporating user knowledge and behaviour in the design of educational materials.
- To further develop methodical approaches within design based research.

The technological options such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and learning analytics (LA) will during the design process itself constitute the experimental setups, which may show the way for better learning materials in the future.

By embedding the project in an interdisciplinary approach with counsellors specialised in educational design, subject related didactics and computer supported cooperative work, a scientific dialog may be established, which may create new knowledge on how better learning materials are created without disempowering the teachers - but on the contrary using their knowledge and educational practice to design learning materials.
Kort titelTeachers’ learning designs
Effektiv start/slut dato02/09/201931/08/2023


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