Studies in Palmyrene Archaeology and History

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The oasis city of Palmyra in the Syrian Desert, a major centre of trade, politics, and religious practice in the ancient world, is a world-renowned site. Although Palmyra was the focus of historical study and discussion from as early as the twelfth century, knowledge of the city’s existence was then ‘lost’ to the western world, before it was rediscovered by Europeans in the seventeenth century. Since this time, scholarly interest in the city has continued to develop, and many aspects of the city’s archaeology and history have been addressed. This series provides a unique publication forum intended to draw together various international research traditions about Palmyra, and to make them available in one place for the first time. The series welcomes both monographs and edited collections addressing a variety of subjects connected with Palmyra, including archaeology, history, and historiographic and cultural heritage publications, as well as museum and collection studies.
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