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Sounds of War: The Memory of World war II in Taiwan, East Germany, and Denmark, 1945-2015

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The SoundTrak researchers analyse how communities in Taiwan, East Germany and Denmark have been using sound as interpretations of World War II - music, language, tones or even noise – to build a collective memory and collective identity during and after the Cold War. Therefore, SoundTrak takes researchers to audio and media files to find out what sounds were key memorial sites in the three communities and whether the sounds contributed to the development of specific national identities.
The research is new and exciting because historians and researchers have been very focused on texts and visual media and not so much on audio, although the human listening sense plays an important role for intellectual and emotional orientation in the world. For example, it could turn out that sound is an important source of memory policy and community formation especially for small states with comparatively limited media industries. Last but not least, as we listen to memories of the Second World War in different countries, we can determine whether a kind of transnational memory has developed over the past 70 years.
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