Smart pipes with battery-less embedded sensors monitored by brain-inspired drones

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Technologies have been developed to help detect leaks in district heating systems for decades, but there is still no cheap, simple and autonomous technology which can transmit operational data such as temperature and pressure to the cloud even without an external power supply. This is what we want to develop with this system, in which we link brain-inspired, so-called neuromorphic data processing with energy-harvesting technologies to create an extremely low-energy system, built directly into the district heating pipes. The focal point of this new project, which is called PipeSense, is very small sensors placed inside the insulation material around the district heating pipes that automatically harvest energy from their surroundings. Consequently, the sensors do not need a battery, as they continuously measure a wide range of different parameters.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/202130/04/2024


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