SkyClean Scale-Up: Pathways to mega-ton scale greenhouse gass reductions by 2023

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The purpose of the SkyClean Scale-Up project is to build the first 20 MW SkyClean pyrolysis plant while in parallel initiating the relevant changes necessary to make pyrolysis-based carbon sequestration an efficient and essential climate technology for Danish agriculture.
The SkyClean concept leverages nature's photosynthesis as well as decades of university research into py-rolysis to combat climate change using local biomass resources. This project will pave the way for a broad implementation of the technology in Denmark and elevate the potential of biomass to match the impact and importance wind power has had in the energy sector and society in general.
To realize the climate reduction potential in Danish biomass pyrolysis, this project will support the maturation of SkyClean pyrolysis technology and the development of relevant supply and value chains
The project brings together the stakeholders who are important in overcoming existing obstacles to the tech-nical and commercial use of pyrolysis to produce renewable fuels as well as biochar for carbon sequestration and the improvement of soil and crop yields on agricultural land.
The SkyClean Scale-Up project is about demonstration of:
1. Technical function
2. Value chain development
3. Economic viability
4. Sustainability
The results of the demonstration phase form the basis for the development of the 0-series design prepara-tion in the project, targeted for implementation both nationally and abroad.
The SkyClean Scale-Up project facilitates a pyrolysis-based reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the Danish agricultural sector of at least 2 million tons of CO2e per year in 2030 in accordance with the parlia-mentary agricultural agreement from October 2021. In addition, a reduction in Danish greenhouse gas emis-sions of at least 1.6 million tons of CO2e per year in 2030 through displacement of fossil fuels.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/202231/12/2025


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