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Revelative Evidentiality in European Languages: Linguistic Coding and its Anthropological Background

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This interdisciplinary research project addresses dreams and dreaming, focusing primarily on the linguistic aspects, i.e. the marking of the source and manner of acquisition of dream material in dream accounts, pointing at relevant relations to the cultural background of the speakers. The project is executed by a linguist (AK) and an anthropologist (AH). The objective of the3 project has been threefold: a) empirical (as we draw a first inventory of linguistic markers used in European languages in order to present information as “dreamed”, diachronically and synchronically, helping us to seize the complex semantic structure of this domain), b) theoretical (as we wish to show that the semantic domain of evidentiality, revelative but also in general, will draw profit of the integration of a, rather undetected aspect, namely the interaction between the human receiver and a human/divine/personified source of information) and c) methodological (as we seek to use our results on the linguistic and anthropological aspects of dream treatment to illustrate the heuristic potential of cross checking “claims” made by language structure about non linguistic matters (culture, cognition, etc.) in the relevant discipline, in our case anthropology.
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