Project Half Double phase 3 (Danish Industry Foundation)

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Since the kick off in June 2015 the Danish Industry Foundation has invested DKK 12.5 Million in the concept – not to mention the thousands and thousands of hours dedicated by passionate community members and partners in the consortium. Aarhus University, DTU, 16 pilot project organisations and Implement Consulting Group have all put in a great effort to get to where we are today.

The impact is considerably:

The Half Double methodology has a proven success rate of 70% confirmed by researchers from Aarhus University in 13 pilot projects so far
It won an award for “most innovative project management idea of the year” in 2018
+50 Half Double projects have officially been completed
+400 Half Double practitioners are now endorsed
More than 2,000 members signed up and engaged in the Half Double community

Phase 3 will focus on getting even more Danish organisations to use the Half Double methodology in their projects – with the upside of increasing the impact in each project. Together with Dansk Projektledelse, it is the ambition to create a standardised education and endorsement process making it possible for even more project people to become Half Double practitioners. A take on Half Double in the portfolio will soon follow and a lot of community events is yet to come.

Aarhus University will be leading the research process as part of Project Half Double with an action research approach focusing on effect evaluation.
Kort titelProject Half Double
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/201929/02/2024


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