Professional Women at Aarhus University

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My PhD project is part of a larger research project, led by Professor Ning de Coninck-Smith, concerning women in higher education in Denmark during the 20th and 21st Century. My project, Professional Women at Aarhus University 1938-1968, is based on archive material, especially diaries, letters and personal accounts from the women who were enrolled in the higher educational programs within nursing and health care, home economics and occupational and physiotherapy at Aarhus University.

In my research, I want to highlight the female perspective on being a part of university on one hand and educated within a - typical of the time - female profession on the other hand. I want to investigate who the women were, what they learned along the way, how they felt about their position and which academic identities they evolved. Also, I am searching to understand why Aarhus University opened for these profession-oriented educations in the first place, and how the development until today, where Danish women are in the majority in higher educations, can be explained with the professionally educated women’s access to further education at Aarhus University.
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