Print a thing! Analysis of the aesthetic meaning of 3D printing with emphasis on how artists, designers and architects currently use 3D printing

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Postdoc project supported by The Danish Council for Independent Research and Aarhus University:

Print a thing! Analysis of the aesthetic meaning of 3D printing with em-phasis on how artists, designers and architects currently use 3D-printers

Idea and research contribution
The rapid development of 3D printers designed for the mass market is at the moment being described by economists as the 'new industrial revolution'. However, amidst the technology excitement there is a lack of knowledge about what we print and what kind of aes-thetic issues are associated with this particular access to translate the digital model into three-dimensional objects. From bits to atoms.

This project examines how professional artists and designers are currently using the media and how the printed objects can be perceived aesthetically. The working hypothesis of the project is that the study must be approached from three angles:
• 3D prints as an expression of unsettled imagery between multiple dimensions
• 3D prints as a liberation of the production of things
• 3D prints as tactile knowledge
The project has a clear interdisciplinary dimension because it juxtaposes artists’, designers’ and architects’ different use of 3D prints, and examines these creative profession’s percep-tions of two-and three-dimensional images. The project will establish a network of knowledge between researchers, educators and artists at Danish universities, architecture, design and art schools around the importance and potential of 3D prints.

Theoretically, the project will contribute critically to the discussions in three main fields: the visual culture's image theory (Mitchell 1986/1994/2005; Barck et al 2009), the concepts of media theory (Stiegler 2008; Mitchell & Hansen 2010) and its differentiation work (Elleström 2010) as well as aesthetic theory arguing for a broad concept of aesthetics that is able also to characterize the aesthetic outside the art, for example in design and other parts of our shaped world (Welsch 1990, 1997; Kyndrup 2008 a + b).
The project's research contribution will particularly be an analytical and methodological development in terms of how artists, designers and architects use a specific medium (the 3D printer), and how they and others can interpret and use the three-dimensional images, the medium produces.
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