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Precision Fermentation: From Biotechnology to Sustainable Nutrition

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Since the Neolithic age, humanity has used fermentation to produce food and drink - it is still the underlying process we use today when making beer, wine and yogurts. Precision fermentation goes one step further, it is a highly efficient process in which we use microorganisms to produce proteins and other biomolecules.

We can use precision fermentation methods to help us to produce proteins which have specific and improved features, such as being hypoallergenic, stable, product-fit, healthier and better-tasting. Precision fermentation does not require animals or fields, is sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly - it has the ability to transform the food sector.

In this project, we will design and optimise precision fermentation processes, as well as assess developed products to ensure they are suitable for mass production. Using the processes we develop, we will produce novel sweet proteins, which will give the sensory profile of sugar yet are much healthier than refined sugars and sweeteners as they are quickly digested by the body in the same way as other proteins.
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