Poverty-work: an ethnographic study of the relationship between low-income lives and policy effects

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Despite numerous reforms of the benefit systems and public and private services targeted the most marginalized citizens in DK, quantitative research shows that these groups rarely succeed in obtaining sustainable employment. At the same time, qualitative research shows that the everyday economic, logistical, and emotional challenges faced by people living low-income lives are of a very exhausting and time-consuming nature – activities we call “poverty-work”. We need research that links these insights as well as investigates the causality between low income and lack of ability to profit from social and employment services. In this project we therefore focus on three categories of benefit recipients (socially marginalized Greenlanders, single parents, and homeless young men) with the aim of understanding the scope and quality of poverty-work including how it obstructs, is hampered by, or achieves synergy with social and legislative interventions. We do this in order theorize how policies may strengthen or further weaken the position of the people they aim to assist.
Kort titelPoverty-work
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201931/01/2022


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