Policy futures: Researching on education policy, governance and administration at a time of political crisis in Europe

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The research program Policy Futures investigates the stakes concerning education policy, governance and administration at a time of political crisis in Europe.

The research program explores the double challenge that is confronting current European education policy:
- how the transnational turn in education policy is reshaping current and future concepts and governing of education
- how this transnational order is undermined by the rise of re-nationalizations, nationalisms and populisms

This unexplored double challenge exposes pressing democratic conflict and deficits in the ways in which education and knowledge is being negotiated and implemented. Policy Futures covers public education policy, governance studies, history of public administration, economics of education, history of education in a social and cultural perspective and diagnosis of the contemporary.

Policy Futures is based at Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. An advisory board consisting of three leading scholars each representing major international research environments closely affiliated with Policy Futures, will support the program: Professor Bob Lingard, University of Queensland, Professor Susan Robertson, University of Cambridge and Professor Palle Rasmussen, Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University.
Kort titelPolicy futures
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