PhD project: "Development, analysis and understanding of avant-garde inspired design and innovation processes’

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    My PhD project (begun 1 February 2010) explores a unique field where aesthethics and art, design and innovation seem to converge. Put shortly, my work centres on improving the understanding of collaborative, creative processes as they play out in the realm of digital media. By abandoning the notion of divine inspiration and genius, a number of classic and current avant-garde movements from around the 1920s and onwards have conceptualised, devised and applied several highly innovative and efficient creative intervention techniques all based on self-imposed constraints. By intentionally setting up obstructions, ‘tripwires’, imperatives, random input stimuli etc. for themselves, many of these artists have soon come to discover that such strategies help ignite and stimulate their creative processes considerably. A preeminemt example of such an ingeniously curtailing framing of a creative practice is the Danish film concept Dogme95 with its ‘ten commandments’ conceived by director Lars von Trier and others. In terms of research, I have found it intriguing that the actual structure of many of these techniques, i.e. what they consist of and why and how they work, has been explored very little. Within ‘creative processes’ as the overall thematic scope, my PhD projects aims to show and outline a common conceptual structure inherent in these deliberately delimiting artistic creativity techniques. This new knowledge will then be transferred to interaction design as a contribution to a theoretical critique as well as to the continuous advancement of IMV’s and its local research centres' vanguard research into collaborative interaction design processes
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201031/01/2013


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