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Patient-centreret e-behandling som et tilgængeligt "first step" intervention til funktionelle lidelse

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IdeaThe proposed PhD project will be instrumental in extending work previously undertaken within the Research Clinic for Functional Disorders at Aarhus University Hospital developing an eHealth Programme for chronic (<6 months) functional disorders as a first step intervention. The Applicant will adapt and develop a prototype of this programme for a cross-country European End-User group, utilising participatory design methodology to inform this process. The e-health programme will then be trialled for feasibility across multiple European Centres, involving a network of local collaborators and co-ordinated by the Applicant.

We hypothesise that it is feasible to develop and deliver an acceptable and usable ‘one size fits all’ guided self-help and psychoeducation programme for FD via an e-health platform across multiple European treatment centres.

Study 1: To describe the similarities and differences in diagnosis, explanatory models and psychoeducational approaches to FD? across multiple European specialist treatment centres.

Study 2: To develop a prototype of a Self-help and Psychoeducational e-health Programme for FD that is viewed as acceptable and relevant by Users across multiple European Cultures and Languages.

Study 3: To feasibility test the programme in a multi-centre international trial with the view to establish the foundation for a later Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT).
Effektiv start/slut dato01/11/202131/10/2025

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